About Us

PAWS for Greatness Inc. is a 4 week program designed to empower youth, ages 13 to 17, to make more positive choices in their lives and community as they save the life of a homeless, shelter dog. Dogs are the real victims in our society. Many dogs are passed over by potential adopters due to poor social skills, trust issues, and lack of impulse control.

The PAWS for Greatness program uses a therapeutic approach to dog training. Each youth is paired with dogs in need and are taught to help their dogs learn basic manners with positive reinforcement techniques. During the program, each youth designs and distributes flyers throughout the community to help their dog find a forever home. They also work on special projects, such as writing a letter to their dog about their hopes and dreams for the dog’s future. Through training and learning more about their dog’s dire situation, the youth develop empathy and compassion for their canine friends.



As the kids work with their dogs, they learn it is possible to accomplish goals in a positive way without needing to resort to force or violence. They learn patience, self-control, love, and respect to encourage making positive choices with themselves and others. They train their dogs using positive motivation to develop trust and cooperation. By teaching the dogs self-discipline, they are then able to look within themselves and find their own willpower. When they struggle with teaching the dogs certain behaviors, they learn patience. The youth must find patience within themselves to help the dogs succeed.

As the kids teach their dogs to make positive choices, they learn to make more beneficial choices in their own lives. This program empowers young people to think, “If a dog can learn to make positive choices, so can I”. Doing something positive for their community enables them to feel better about themselves, especially when they are given the responsibility of saving the life of a homeless dog.

PAWS for Greatness Inc. is a nonprofit organization with a board of 12 directors and an Executive Director to fulfill the needs of the community. The youth may earn Community Service Hours by completing the program. Ideally, once the youth complete their four weeks of the program, the dog they are paired with is adopted into a forever home, making more room for homeless shelter dogs who are at risk for being euthanized.

We are always need of sponsors to help with the continued growth and success of this program. The cost of a youth/dog team to go through the program is $380. Contributions of any size are gladly welcome.

Contact (940) 366-2139 or email pawsforgreatness@aol.com to find out how you can help.

Contributions can be mailed to:

PAWS for Greatness Inc.
PO Box 3133
Wichita Falls, TX 76301

Please make checks payable to PAWS for Greatness Inc.